Other examinations / procedures

Plier biopsy under local anesthesia

The purpose of the procedure is to determine the origin of altered tissue. The procedure is performed under local surface and infiltrative anesthesia. A piece of tissue is taken with micro forceps under the control of the doctor’s eye within the boundaries of healthy tissues. The material is sent for pathistological examination.

Collection of inoculation from ANG org.

The purpose of the examination (research) is to identify the causative agent of infection and resistance to antibiotics Tissue fluid or pus samples are taken with a disposable whisk, which is then sent for microbiological examination in a special medium.

ANG org. wound dressing; suture removal; postoperative care 

Supervision of patients who underwent surgical treatment of diseases of the ears, nose or throat. Wound disinfection, dressings, suture removal, ear or nose suction, cleansing, care, tampon removal, abscess reopening, drainage, nasal splint removal, suturing.

Preparation of the patient for the surgery

Preparation of the patient for the surgery. Drawing up a specific treatment and examination plan, appointment/ discontinuation of medication, management of medical documentation.

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