Prof. Saulius Vaitkus: Now we do more than we ever expected


For the first time in Lithuania and the Baltic States, the tumor was removed by endoscopic method through the nasal passage from the hard-to-reach point of the skull foundation (temporomandibular pyramid and wedge sinus), while freeing the optic nerve. In Kaunas clinics, thanks to the efforts of the multidisciplinary team, using the latest diagnostic capabilities, a young man from Latvia was diagnosed with a malignant tumor spread to the base of the skull, and after selecting complex surgical treatment and using the latest technologies, the patient’ health and vision were saved.

Robertas suffered a severe headache, and gradually, his eyesight weakened, but for a long time the true cause of headaches was not found. “For three months I was tormented by severe headaches, tried a lot of different medicines, visited various healthcare professionals: neurologist, eye disease doctor, cardiologist, — named a young man. — Magnetic resonance examination of the head was carried out, but doctors did not notice anything. When the tumor in the head increased significantly and began to press on the right eye, this examination had to be repeated. My eye just “stopped” — I couldn’t move it. The results of the study confirmed that there is an unclear formation in the skull area that damages bones and cells, but doctors could not put an accurate diagnosis,” said Robert.

The man said that Latvian doctors could not remove the growing formation, and the predictions were very sad: “It was scary to find out what could be waiting for me. I thought there was no hope anymore. Doctors said that such a case as my illness occurs once every 10 years. They offered temporary assistance — chemotherapy and advised to contact the famous Lithuanian rhinosurgeon, professor Saulius Vaitkus. “
Robert came to Kaunas clinics for consultation without waiting for anything. Head of the General sector of Ear, Nose and Throat Disease Clinic Prof. S. Vaitkus and his colleagues decided to perform a unique operation after examining the patient, assessing his state of health and analyzing the studies already conducted.

“This patient’s disease is very rare. After carrying out all the necessary studies, a complex but effective endoscopic operation was chosen. A large size tumor was removed using an electromagnetic navigation system through the nose, — he spoke about the specifics of the operation by prof. S. Vaitkus. — A navigation system during surgical interventions helps to accurately determine the location of the presence and spread of the tumor. With its help, there is an opportunity to successfully and safely perform the operation without damaging the vital anatomical structures.

In order for the operation to be successful, patient preparation and multidisciplinary team work were required. “Together with the Head of the Face-Neck Radiology Sector of the Radiology Clinic, Silvija Dyspiene and other colleagues, all the necessary studies were carried out, which allowed to make the best and safest decision for the patient. Histological studies performed by specialists of the Clinic of Pathological Anatomy helped not only to accurately establish the diagnosis, but also to select the most optimal further treatment”, — stressed the otolaryngologist.
The patient continued to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy in Latvia. S. Vaitkus is happy that after a successful operation, the former patient of Kaunas clinics feels good and can return to the usual -pace of life. The young man’s headaches have disappeared and his vision has improved, but for another five years Robertas will have to come for consultation to Kaunas clinics.

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